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Chandra Easton really inspired me with her story of the Tibetan Yogini, Machig Labdrön, who became a nun at a young age, and gave it up to wander as an ascetic when she realized that being a nun gave her knowledge but not the experience of that knowledge.

And in the last 20-25 minutes, Chandra Easton shares the Feeding your Demons way of working through whatever ails you. Try it out! I have a really vivid imagination, and it was a little uncomfortable imagining my demon in physical form.

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I always say (something like) this in my classes. 

If you dont fail every now and then, how do you know if you’re reaching your full potential?! Successes are built on your failures!

I think sometimes we’re afraid we’ll look stupid going to a yoga class for the first time or trying out a new, challenging pose (or even off the mat … like going up to a person and initiating a conversation).

Be wise in your pursuits but find that balance with trying new stuff out and potentially “looking stupid”.

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What are your goals in your yoga practice?

If you tell me on my Facebook page http://on.fb.me/vd0tVN, you get a chance to win a customized yoga routine on video + a private yoga class with me! Deadline in less than a week!

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Pretzel by Nicholas_T on Flickr.

I love the expression on his face—so serene but focused.

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your health is your wealth.


The yoga mat 
on the floor
it’s more than that
it’s a metaphor

embrace change
cuz things must 

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man, i dont even know anymore.

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