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I love how Susan Piver talks about yoga as a way of intensifying sensations so as to release. And her analogy of meditation as a way of intensifying your thoughts or emotions so as to release them thrills me intensely…except that it’s not how meditation works for me. I think for beginners like me we try to tune in and meet ourselves, but attention wanders…

What’s your experience of meditation and its effects on strong emotions like depression?

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Every damn day.

Holiday present request!

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What was your first kiss like? Like eating pizza?!

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"What’s the matter with you? What is it? What is it you’re doing here? I don’t ask you to look for the words for it. Words are secondary. I want you to find the feel of it. I want you to find the fire of it. I want you to touch the source of your life, to feel the joy and the love that can come from living from the source of your being. Throw yourself completely into the aliveness of your life. It’s pretty risky. You could lose yourself. There’s nothing to hold onto."

- Yúnmén Wényǎn (862 or 864 -949 CE), a major Chinese Zen master in Tang-era China.  (via parabola-magazine)

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"Awakening Buff off routine. Polish away habit. Sharpen your crystal mind with silent time. Wake yourself by praying to the gods. Surrender all of image. Let go of your outside eyes. Be a foolish animal, gaping at the forest. Be clumsy and too much and wide-eyed. Kill the thing that pulls back the reins, and run. Tara Sophia Mohr (from her new collection Your Other Names)"

- Awakening | Marianne Elliott

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