The Things That Scare You - a poem by Hiro Boga from Hiro Boga on Vimeo.

What to do with the things that scare you

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Murmuration’s by Sophie & Clive (by GowthamSarvesh)

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Great 1-hour podcast about breathing. We all know that breathing is good, but Dennis shares great insight into the emotions behind breathing or not breathing.

Did you know that children hold their breath to feel less in tense situations? I do this too sometimes when I’m nervous.

He shares a ‘smiling breath’ technique almost in the exact middle of the talk—try it!

And if you don’t think you don’t need to learn how to breathe, your diaphragm tightens after 10-15 of sitting.

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I’m working on a play about a butcher but I can’t look at these photos of a slaughterhouse without feeling sick to my stomach.

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Anyone miss summer?

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What’s your stuff that has newly come to light now?

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The Happiness Project: Do something nice: Six tips for good deeds that take less than five minutes.

Do something nice: Six tips for good deeds that take less than five minutes.

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Men and women who love women—care to share your opinion on what makes a woman sexy?

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1 of 1. Watercolor original. 7.5” x 10”

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