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Ignore at your own risk..

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"If I let you in, it must be all the way. And the only way I have anything to give is if I keep myself from constantly falling apart."

- Everything or Nothing: An Ode to the INFJ | Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

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Yoga Moves For a Pick-Me-Up

Move 1 (top left): Start in a pushup position, lift your hips, and move into downwardfacing dog. Take five breaths. Raise your right heel toward the ceiling as high as you can, then slowly lower your left forearm to the floor. Keep both palms flat on the floor. 

Move 2 (top right): Straighten your left arm and put your right foot between your hands. Shift your weight onto your right foot as you raise your left leg. At the same time, raise your torso until it is parallel to the floor and reach your arms forward. 

Move 3 (bottom left): Place hands on the floor beneath your shoulders. Rotate your hips to the left and raise your left arm toward the ceiling. Bend your left knee back, and reach your left hand behind you to hold your foot. 

Move 4 (bottom right): From half-moon arch, turn your hips and shoulders back toward the floor, then use your core muscles to roll your body up to standing. Place the sole of your left foot on your right inner thigh. Lift your arms straight up above your shoulders. 

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"When I say yoga, I’m referring to two things: 1) The art and science of learning about yourself and your stuff so you can meet yourself where you are. 2) A physical practice — that anyone can do* — that involves using movement and stillness to get better at paying attention to your sensations, your body and your surroundings."

- Old Turkish Lady yoga. Interior design.

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"being insulted means you suspect a kernel of truth in the accusation"

- 6 tips for dealing with uncomfortable situations

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"here is no courage without some important element of fear to empower the heroic act."

- Dr. Douglas Brooks: Conversation & Statement re: John Friend & Anusara Yoga. | elephant journal

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"to delve more deeply into our humanity is the divine."

- Dr. Douglas Brooks: Conversation & Statement re: John Friend & Anusara Yoga. | elephant journal

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