"If you were the BEST in the world at what you do, how would you BEHAVE?"

- 7 business truths I wish I’d been brave enough to believe, 732 days ago. | UNICORNS FOR SOCIALISM

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The Temple Deep in the Caves (by Stuck in Customs)

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"Make things bigger and wilder and more expansive everywhere you go, but do it with exactitude and rigor."

- Free Will Astrology

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(via An excerpt from Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit. - Slate Magazine)

So we started brushing our teeth because we thought it removed a film from our teeth, but then we started craving the tingling feeling the toothpaste made in our mouths.

So to make a new habit or routine, figure out how to make yourself crave the reward or else the cue or side benefit from your new habit or routine.

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David Regelin

My old yoga teacher in New York…

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"In purely spiritual matters, God grants all desires," said philosopher and activist Simone Weil. "Those who have less have asked for less."

- Free Will Astrology : Leo Horoscope

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Too true. 


The Highest of Fives

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"Hatha Yoga is actually not about controlling either the body or the breath. Instead, it’s a way of eliminating poor habits that inhibit the natural flowering of the nervous system. The first step in this process is to cultivate our ability to listen to the body."

- Mystic River Yoga: Published articles

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