A visual list of different kinds of pretzels.

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"Faith is about being in the dark, lonely pit of doubt and futility, and doing it anyway. Faith is when giving up becomes unacceptable."

- On Faith and the Pit of Futility. | Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

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"The number one thing people want is more freedom."

- You’re sitting on the next great startup: YOURS — an Interview with Chris Guillebeau

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"People often ask me if I have any suggestions for what kind of business they should get into. I tell them the only thing I know how to recommend: “Start by sharing whatever you’ve got.”"

- The co-op business model: share whatever you’ve got | Derek Sivers

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"California is the most optimistic place on earth. The side-effects of this can confuse outsiders. When you say, “Will you come to my event?” or, “Want to help with this project?” - they will almost always say yes, full of enthusiasm, and actually 100% sincere, fully intending to be there, to help, whatever. They honestly and optimistically think that they will be there and do it. They have the best of intentions. But when it actually comes to that time, and they’ve optimistically said “yes!” to a dozen other things too, or perhaps they’re just nestled in the comfort of their California home, then… well… they reluctantly “flake” - and won’t follow through. Don’t get bitter and write them off as fake, or backstabbers. Just understand that it’s a side-effect of sincere optimism, and adjust your expectations accordingly."


True or false, friends in LA?

Advice on moving to Los Angeles | Derek Sivers

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